Urban Agency III

Interdisciplinary dialogues in urban research

About the project

Urban Agency brings together urban studies institutes to discuss the different reasons why they were established and funded, explore the differences and similarities in the way they operate and of their institutional context and the urban research they conduct.


The Urban Agency network is led by the University of Antwerp’s Urban Studies Institute. Its news is distributed through the Institute’s newsletter.


Research at the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI)
Some recently completed projects include:
Research at the Institute for Urban Research (IUR)
The Institute for Urban Research (IUR) seeks to consolidate and widen the urban research environment at Malm√∂ University. Based at the Faculty of Culture, IUR exposes contemporary challenges emanating from urbanization processes. IUR brings together knowledge from various disciplines to propose possible solutions to urban societal challenges. IUR engages with citizens, civil society, private actors […]
Research at the KU Leuven Urban Studies Institute
The KU Leuven Urban Studies Institute (LUSI) is an interdisciplinary research platform which encourages KU Leuven researchers to collaborate across scientific disciplines with the city as the focal point. LUSI-members include professors, postdocs and PhD researchers from – among other disciplines – geography, architecture, anthropology, economics, biomedical sciences, engineering, history, sociology, environmental sciences. LUSI coordinates […]

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